Selina Naturally Celtic Kosher Fine Kosher Sea Salt

1.0 CT BAG


Marketing Description

Selina Naturally® Celtic Kosher™ Fine Kosher Sea Salt.
Family Owned Sustainably Harvested Since 1976.
Taste the salt recommended by health professionals and culinary chefs.
Sustainably harvested.
Exquisite taste.
Alkaline pH.
This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient.
Full spectrum mineral salt.
Net Wt. 1 Lb (454g). 5 Lb (2268g). 22 Lb (9979g). 55Lb (24948g).

Other Description

Cook. Savor. Be inspired.
Celtic Kosher™ Fine Ground sea salt is a pure unrefined, delicious, moist Kosher sea salt. You don't have to use much of this salt because it delivers so much flavor. The fine ground has a nice delicate crunch. The moist crystals crush easily between your fingers and are easy to use in almost any food application. It dissolves easily in low to high temperatures. This salt is great for baking, cooking, finishing, salt-curing, picking, and even desserts. The flavor is full and rich, naturally enhancing the flavors of any dish.
Also available in a coarse ground for that extra crunchy texture or for use in salt grinder.
The best recipes are simple and use the highest quality ingredients.
100% Wholesome Celtic Sea Salt®.
Good Manufacturing Practice Quality Product. cGMP.
Responsibly 100% Sourced.
Product of North/Central America.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1

Servings per Container: about 366

Number Of Servings about 366 []
Serving Sizes []
Energy 0 []
Total Fat 0 ["g"]
Saturated Fat 0 ["g"]
Trans Fat 0 ["g"]
Cholesterol 0 ["mg"]
Sodium 410 ["mg"]
Potassium 3 ["mg"]
Carbohydrates 0 ["g"]
Dietary Fiber 0 ["g"]
Sugars 0 ["g"]
Added Sugars 0 ["g"]
Manganese 10 ["mg"]
Calcium 8 ["mg"]
Iron 0 ["mg"]
Vitamin D 0 ["mcg"]
Protein 0 ["g"]
Chloride 673 ["mg"]
Daily Percent Of Calcium 0 []
Daily Percent Of Iron 0 []
Daily Percent Of Vitamin D 0 []
Daily Percent Of Added Sugars 0 []
Daily Percent Of Manganese 2 []
Daily Percent Of Chloride 30 []


Unrefined Sea Salt.



Package Data

Length: 1.013 IN
Height: 8.268 IN
Width: 4.863 IN
Weight: 1.055 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BAG
Package Size: 1.0 CT