Urban Accents Gourmet Brine Bag

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1. Prepare Brine Blend: Use manufacturer's instructions to prepare brine blend solution and allow mixture to cool thoroughly. 2. Brine The Bird: Clean and prep the turkey and place it in the brining bag and then in a roasting pan or try for added support. Add brine mixture. Remove excess air and carefully seal bag. Refrigerate 30-60 minutes per lb. 3. Before Roasting: Remove the bird from the refrigerator. Discard brine solution and bag. Rinse bird thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels.


Marketing Description

Urban Accents® Gourmet Brine Bag.
Your culinary wingman™.
Made with BPA-free plastic.
Heavy duty, resealable + gusseted.
Holds up to 24 lb turkey.
Brining locks in juices for a moist flavorful bird every time!

Other Description

Urban Accents® - We've got your back in the kitchen.™
Brining is the chef's secret to juice poultry.
It improves the flavor and texture of turkey without adding extra salt and locks in moisture for a juicy turkey every time. A heavy duty, BPA-free brine bag is essential to a properly brined bird.
Create a flavorful new tradition with Urban Accents® Spiced Brine Blend & Gourmet Gobbler™ Turkey Rub (sold separately).
Made from 100% recyclable material.
Please recycle.
Get tips and delish recipes from your culinary wingman™: www.urbanaccents.com.


Gourmet Brine Bag.



Package Data

Length: 1.118 IN
Height: 6.03 IN
Width: 6.052 IN
Weight: 0.165 LB
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BOX
Package Size: 1.0 CT