Johnson & Johnson Kling Design Rolled Gauze

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For best results use Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand products and follow these step by step directions: 1. Clean: stop bleeding by applying pressure with sterile gauze. Cleanse injured area gently and thoroughly with mild soap and water. Pat dry. 2. Treat: treat wounds by applying Neosporin® first aid antibiotic or Band-Aid® Brand First Aid Hurt-Free® antiseptic wash. 3. Protect: cover injured area completely with a Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand hospital grade gauze pad or non-stick pad to help absorb fluids. Wrap Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand hospital grade rolled gauze to firmly secure gauze pads and help keep the wound clean from contaminants. For better protection, secure bandage on all sides with Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand tape.


Marketing Description

Johnson & Johnson® Kling® Design Rolled Gauze.
Bonus 2 gauze pads.
Medical sterilization.
+ hospital grade rolled gauze.
Secures to itself to stay in place.
1 sterile roll 2 in x 2.5 yds (5 cm x 2.2 m).
+ 2 small sterile pads 2 in x 2 in (5 cm x 5 cm).

Other Description

Ideal for securing gauze pads or non-stick pads onto hard-to-bandage areas.
It stretches and secures to itself, providing freedom of movement while remaining securely wrapped. With pillow-soft padding and instant absorption, hospital grade rolled gauze can also be used as a primary dressing.
Hospital grade gauze pads #1 thickness & absorbency.
Ideal for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns because they're extra thick and absorbent, and have a low-lint design to help prevent irritation. Each pad contains 16 layers of pillow-soft cushioning that provides extra comfort when cleaning dirt and contaminants from the injured area, and may help protect from re-injury. They are the only gauze pads to offer Quick-Loc® technology with an anti-leak core that instantly absorbs and pulls fluids away from the wound. Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand gauze pads are made from rayon/polyester/cellulose blend.
Quick-Loc® technology.
Try other Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® hospital grade dressings:
Hospital grade gauze pads anti-leak core absorbs fluids in 1 second.
Hospital grade non-stick pads proven in a clinical study not to stick to wounds.
Hospital grade rolled gauze Kling® design secures to itself to keep bandage in place.
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand hospital grade gauze products provide comparable to or better absorbency than the leading hospital brand gauze.
A covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one.
Kling® design:
The Red Cross design and words are registered trademarks of Johnson & Johnson. Products bearing these trademarks have no connection with The American National Red Cross.
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Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand rolled gauze is made from a polyester/rayon blend.
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross® brand gauze pads are made from a rayon/polyester/cellulose blend.
Retain carton for directions and company contact information.
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Questions? 866-JNJ-2873; Outside US, dial collect 215-273-8755.


Sterile unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged. In case of deep or puncture wounds, or serious burns, consult a physician. For medical emergencies, seek professional help.


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Package Data

Length: 2.3 IN
Height: 3.95 IN
Width: 2.75 IN
Units In Package: 1
Package Type: BOX
Package Size: 1.0 CT