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Racquet, K Factor

Weight: 1 racquet

Product Details

(K) blade (k)ontrolled power. Explosive features inside. Power strings. (K)arophite black - a proprietary next generation structure created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in more feel and a stronger and more stable racquet. (K)ontour frame - new contour frame engineering provides a more stable & stiffer frame that delivers maximum strength and power. (K) zone - combination of turbo tubes and power holes for increased stability and power. (K)ontrolled power - (K) Factor frame design combined with Wilson's exclusive power string technology delivers (k)rushing power without sacrificing (k)ontrol. Wilson's exclusive power string technology has the longest, most powerful main strings in racquetball. Power string technology maximizes the length of each main string as they extend all the way down around the handle increasing the power up to an additional 15%. In racquetball power is everything and with power string technology you will have the most explosive racquet in the game. Weight: 190 g. Headsize: 107 sq in. String Tension: 28-33 lbs. What is (K)?: The (k) represents the four proprietary Wilson technologies which result in enhanced (k)ontrol. What is factor?: By definition factor represents anything that actively contributes to the production of a result. What is (K) Factor?: Wilson (K) Factor combines the next generation nanotechnology and unique frame engineering innovations that result in the ultimate line of (k)ontrolled power racquets for all players. Wilson has been making premium quality racquetball products for over four decades. Our name is more than just a logo on our products. It's our guarantee of exceptional performance. No one understands the needs of a racquetball player better than Wilson. In fact, more players purchase Wilson racquetball racquets than any other brand. Whether you're a top tournament player, or you play for fun, you can trust Wilson to deliver the perfect product for your game. Primarily intended for ages 13+. (SGMA data full year 2008). Made in China.



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