Bally Total Fitness B Fit Gear Pilates 4 Way Ab Stretch

Pilates 4 Way Ab Stretch

Weight: 1 each

Product Details

Soft, comfort cord. Adjustable tension. Varied resistance. Cushion grips. Sculpt legs. Tone thighs & buttocks. Tighten abs. Toning. Trimming. Sculpting. Increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Total versatility for both upper and lower body workouts. Tighten your abs, strengthen your arms, shape your legs, then finish your workout with smooth stretching movements. All with 4-Way Ab Stretch. Vary your resistance. Soft, comfort cord. Lightweight and portable. Foam covered handles. Use for stretching and aerobic activity, working abs, arms, buttocks and legs. Total versatility. Adjustable tension for varied resistance. Fitness Guide included. Made in Taiwan. The U.S. Surgeon General has determined that everyone should get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days of the week.



Always consult a physician before performing any physical activity, drink plenty of fluids, before, during, and after exercising. No liability or responsibility is assumed by the manufacturer for any injury incurred as a result of using this product.


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