Singer Iron-On Mending Fabric

Iron-On Mending Fabric

Weight: 1 fabric


Low Heat Directions. Use dry iron only - no steam. Washable & super sealing for mending & decorating shirts, jeans, skirts, jackets. Not recommended for use on nylon, or rayon, or fabrics made of monofilament (non-fibrous strand) polyesters. Note: When cutting smaller patches, be sure to round corners. Note: Always launder garment before patching. Patches: Heavyweight patches repair work clothes, jeans. Softweight patches repair knitwear, cotton, linens and double knits. 1. Preheat iron at Wool setting for 5 minutes. 2. Heat fabric where patch is to be applied by running iron over the area. Iron this area smooth. 3. Place patch adhesive side down on area to be mended. 4. Press firmly and evenly for 45 seconds, 20-25 seconds for soft knits. Repeat pressing around all edges to make sure they adhere well. 5. Wait until patch is cool so that seal becomes permanent. Test for tightness by trying to lift edge. If necessary, press again.

Product Details

7 x 16 in Patch. Low heat - For permanent press & other fabrics. 100% Cotton. Made in China.



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