Heat N Bond Iron-On Adhesive

Iron-On Adhesive, Ultra Hold, No-Sew

Weight: 1 pack


Note: Before using Iron-On Adhesive, always pre-wash all materials without using fabric softeners (in washer or dryer). Always pre-test adhesive on an extra piece of material. 1. Pre-heat iron to wool (low heat) setting without steam. Place adhesive, paper side up on the back (or wrong side) of material to be bonded. 2. Place and hold iron on paper side of adhesive for 2 seconds. Repeat by gliding iron to new area and pressing, slightly overlapping previous area until entire surface is bonded. Allow material to cool. 3. Cut to desired size or shape (if necessary). Peel off paper backing. 4. Place material, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of project. Press and hold iron for 8-10 sec. on each section until entire piece is bonded (ironing time may vary for heavier or layered items). Tips: Do not sew! Due to the thickness of the adhesive, machine stitching is not advisable. To Remove: Try using an adhesive remover or taking item to the dry cleaner (who uses PERC). Washing: Delicate wash cold/cold. Tumble dry delicate cycle low heat. Do not dry clean.

Product Details

17 in x 1 yard. Strongest no-sew adhesive. Low heat activation. No steam required. Machine washable. Acid free. Uses for Heat n Bond Ultra Hold: Wearable Arts: aprons; denim hats; sweater appliques; costumes; purses and tote bags. Holiday Decorations: gift baskets; ornaments; tree skirts; wreaths. Home Decor: curtains; lamp shades; pillows/quilts; table linens; towels. Made in USA.



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