Paper Pro Stapler

Stapler, Translucent

Weight: 1 stapler


To Load Staples: 1. Pull base away from unit. 2. Loading arm slides open. 3. Drop in staples, point up. 4. Close loading arm. 5. Close base. Tacking Safety: 1. Pull base away from unit. 2. Close loading arm. 3. Press firmly against the work surface depressing activator. 4. Tack normally. Staple will only fire when activator is pressed.

Product Details

15 sheet capacity. 26/6 standard staple. Spring powered. The original one-finger stapler. Features a staple-gun-style mechanism with 15 sheet stapling power. Convenient, compact size vibrant, translucent colors. PaperPro staplers are the only staplers with the patented spring-powered mechanism that gives you true, one-finger stapling power. And these colorful staplers provide full-size stapling power in a compact size that's a perfect fit for small hands and tight spaces. Perfect for home, office or school; uses standard staples. Once you've tried a PaperPro stapler you'll never want to lean on a regular stapler again! Made in China.



Always point stapler away from yourself and others, never staple anything connected to a power supply. Not intended for use for use by children without supervision.


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