Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide

Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide

Weight: 8 lb (3.6 kg)


It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may be in the area during application. For any requirements specific to your state or tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation. Non-Agricultural Use Requirements: The requirements in this box apply to uses of this product that are not within the scope of the Worker Protection Standard for agricultural pesticides (40 CFR part 170). The WPS applies when this product is used to produce agricultural plants on farms, forests, nurseries, or greenhouses. Seed treatments and professional applications to lawn grasses, golf courses, industrial (office park), municipal, and residential lawns are not within the scope of the Worker Protection Standard. Keep unprotected persons out of treated area until dusts have settled. Storage and Disposal: Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage and disposal. Storage: Keep away from fire and sparks. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. In case of spill, sweep up material and dispose of material according to Pesticide Disposal instructions. Pesticide Disposal: Wastes resulting from the use of this product may be disposed of on site according to label directions or at an approved waste disposal facility. Container Disposal: Do not reuse empty containers. Completely empty bag into application equipment. Dispose of emptied bag (s) in a sanitary landfill or by incineration, or, if allowed by state and local authorities, by burning. If burned, stay out of smoke. Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide should be used in conjunction with turf management practices that promote good plant health and optimum disease control. The key to selecting a fungicide is the proper diagnosis of the organism causing the disease. Diagnostic kits, extension experts, or other identification methods should be used when developing disease control strategies. Optimum disease control is achieved when Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide is applied in a preventative disease control program at a rate of 4 to 8 lb per 1,000 square feet. See the following table for specific application rates for various diseases. For the control of root and crown rot, this product must be watered in using a minimum of 3 to 4 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet. Under conditions that are favorable for disease development, the interval between applications of Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide should be reduced. Unless otherwise specified, when disease pressure is high or when used as a curative, use higher rates of Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide and shorter application interval. Under light to moderate disease pressure, apply Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide at the low use rate and/or longer application intervals. Apply Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide uniformly using an appropriate fertilizer spreader. Calibrate the spreader before application as calibration may change with spreader age and use, walking speed and evenness of terrain. To calibrate the spreader, weigh out the amount of product necessary to treat an area of 800 square feet. Using the suggested spreader setting provided by the manufacturer or from the table below, apply to a pre-measured area of 500 square feet (5 x 100 square feet) area. Weigh back product remaining in application equipment and adjust the spreader as necessary to give the correct rate of delivery for the measured area. To avoid pick-up, lightly irrigate treated areas soon after application. On short cut bentgrass, (1/2 inches or less) when temperatures are above 80 degrees F, apply only to dry foliage. Disease/Fung-Away (lb/1,000 sq. ft.)/Application Interval Timing/Instructions: Anthracnose Red Thread/4/14-21 days/apply when conditions are favorable for disease development. Brown patch/4-8/14 days/begin applications when conditions are favorable for disease development and before disease symptoms are apparent. Dollar spot/3-8/14-28 days/ apply when conditions are favorable for disease development. Make no more than 3 consecutive applications for dollar spot control before rotating to a registered fungicide with a different mode of action. Fusarium blight/4-8/14-21 days/apply when conditions are favorable for disease development. Fusarium patch (pink snow mold)/4-8/fall-winter/apply prior to snow cover. Leaf spot melting-out crown rot/4/14 days/apply when conditions are favorable for disease development. For crown rot, water in with 3 to 4 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet in increase penetration to crown and roots. Necrotic ring spot/4-8/spring: 28 days/make applications on a preventative basis in early to mid-spring. Powdery mildew roots/4/14-28 days/apply when conditions are favorable for disease development. Summer patch/4-8/14-28 days/begin applications in the spring when conditions are favorable for disease development. Make 2 to 4 applications depending on recommendations from local turfgrass extension experts. Water in with at least 3 to 4 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet to increase spray penetration to crown and roots. Take-all patch/8/spring fall: 28 days/to reduce the severity of take-all patch, make 1 to 2 fall applications in September and October or when night temperatures drop to 55 degrees F and 1 to 2 spring applications in April and May depending on local recommendations. Restrictions: Do not apply more than 46 pounds product per 1,000 sq ft per year. For Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York State, use of this product is limited to 11.5 pounds per 1,000 sq ft per year (1.95 lb active ingredient per acre). Apply Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide with drop or rotary spreaders designed to apply granules. Avoid the use of spreaders that would apply this product in narrow rows or concentrate bands. Before each application, calibrate the spreader according to the equipment manufacturer's directions such that the spreader delivers the recommended application. Apply this product uniformly over the lawn or ornamental turf area. A more uniform application can be made by spreading half of the required amount over the area in a given direction and then applying the remaining half at a right angle to the previous direction. Avoid streaking, skips or overlaps during application. Check equipment frequently to ensure equipment is functioning properly and applying uniform distribution of granules.

Product Details

Controls brown patch and take-all patch. Treats up to 2,650 square feet. A systemic fungicide that controls brown patch and other lawn diseases. Green Light Fung-Away Systemic Lawn Fungicide is a systemic, protectant, and curative fungicide recommended for the control of listed diseases in established lawns. Optimum disease control is achieved when this product is applied to established turfgrasses in a regularly scheduled preventative program. Made in USA.



Active Ingredient: Myclobutanil: A-Butyl-A-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-H-1,2,4 Triazole-Propanenitrile (0.39%). Inert Ingredients (99.61%).


Keep out of reach of children. Hazards to humans and domestic animals: Causes moderate eye irritation. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): User must wear: long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, shoes plus socks. Follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning/maintaining PPE. If no such instructions for washables, use detergent and hot water. Keep and wash PPE separately from other laundry. User safety recommendations: User should wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. First Aid: If in Eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. If on skin or clothing: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call a poison control center of doctor for treatment advice. Hot Line Number: Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor, or going for treatment. You may also contact 1-800-992-5994 day or night, for emergency treatment information. Environmental Hazards: This pesticide is toxic to fish. Drift and runoff from treated areas may be hazardous to aquatic organisms in neighboring areas. Do not apply directly to water, to areas where surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment washwaters or disposing of wastes. Notice: Read entire label. Use only according to label directions. Before using this product, read Warranty Disclaimer, Inherent Risks of Use, and Limitation of Remedies at end of Directions for Use. If terms are unacceptable, return at once unopened. In case of emergency endangering health or the environment involving this product, call the National Pesticide Information Center at 1-800-858-7378. Agricultural Chemical: Do not ship or store with food, feeds, drugs or clothing. Inherent risks of use: It is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with use of this product. Plant injury, lack of performance, or other unintended consequences may result because of such factors as use of the product contrary to label instructions (including conditions noted on the label, such as favorable temperature, soil conditions, etc.) abnormal conditions (such as excessive rainfall, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes), presence of other materials, the manner of application, or other factors, all of which are beyond the control of the seller. All such risks shall be assumed by the buyer.


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