Resolve In-Wash Stain Remover

In-Wash Stain Remover, with Stain Seekers

Weight: 40 fl oz (1 qt 8 fl oz) 1.18 lt


For Every Wash Load: 1. start washer. 2. Fill cap and add with detergent before clothes. Tough Stains: 1. Pour onto the stain. 2. Leave for maximum 5 minutes. 3. Rub into stain. 4. Add one capful and add detergent. 5. Proceed with normal wash. Lightly Soiled Loads: Fill to line 1. Normal Loads: Fill slightly above line 4. Heavily Soiled Loads: Use twice the amount of normal loads. For standard washer, pour recommended amount directly into the washer. For HE washers, pour recommended amount in the dispenser with your HE detergent. Hints from the experts: Safe for all colorfast washables and works in all temperatures. Not recommended for use on khaki, fluorescent clothing or washable silk. Do not let dry on garments. Do not leave on garment longer than 5 minutes.

Product Details

For standard & HE washers. Formerly Spray 'n Wash. Stain Seekers find, penetrate and lift out tough stains, right in the wash. Contains no phosphates. Save energy: great results even in cold water! Made in USA.



Keep out of reach of children. Eye and skin irritant. May be harmful if swallowed. Do not get in eyes, on skin or ingest. May be severely irritating in eyes. Wash hands after use. For sensitive skin, the use of gloves is recommended. Contains hydrogen peroxide and surfactants. First Aid: If in eyes, immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water. Remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing eyes for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention. If on skin, wash area with plenty soap and water. If irritation persists, get medical attention. If swallowed, rinse mouth and drink a glass of water. Call a physician or Poison Control Center.


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