Tide Buzz Ultrasonic Stain Remover

Ultrasonic Stain Remover

Weight: 1 each

Product Details

SR2000. Includes Tide Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid and 5 Stain Catcher Pads. Breakthrough technology. Erases stains on the spot. Removes virtually all stains. Most stains are removed instantly and completely before washing. It even removes some set-in stains! Specially formulated Tide Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid. Ultrasonic energy waves combine with the powerful Tide Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid to break up tough stain particles. Stains are trapped in the absorbent Stain Catcher Pads to help prevent spreading. 1. Specially formulated Tide Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid goes to work on even the toughest laundry stains. 2. Ultrasonic Buzz energy waves break up stain particles and knock them out of fabrics. 3. Absorbent Stain Catcher Pads catch stains and lock them away. 4. Removes stains before you wash - so you know they're gone! Powered by Black & Decker. For household use only. Product in this box may differ slightly from that pictured. One-Year Limited Warranty.



The power cord on this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.


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