Corry's Moss B Ware

Moss B Ware

Weight: 3 lbs (1.3 kg)


When to Moss-B-Ware: Moss-B-Ware can be used any time of the year as an effective moss killer and preventative. For best results, apply during rainy seasons - this is when moss grows most rapidly. You should see the dying moss changing color within 3 to 4 weeks. Light to average moss growth on pitched roofs should slowly wash away with the rain. If the growth is heavy or on flat areas, you may need to physically remove the dead moss. How to Moss-B-Ware: You can shake it on directly or dissolve in water. Just use the method below that best suits your needs. To kill existing moss: Pitched roofs that can be walked upon, such as composition, wood shingles, or shakes can most easily be treated by shaking Moss-B-Ware directly from the container along the ridge of the roof. Rains can then wash Moss-B-Ware down through lower moss patches. Apply 3 lbs. for 600 square feet of treatment area. Rock, gravel, flat roofs and roofs that cannot be walked upon should be treated with a liquid application, using a sprinkling can or any type of pump-up sprayer. Slowly add contents of this container to 5 to 10 gallons of water, stirring until completely dissolved. Single mixture will cover 600 square feet of roofing and will usually control moss for two years. Patios and walkways are most effectively treated with sprinkling can or pump-up sprayer application. Dead moss can just be swept away. Mix contents of this container in gallons of water and apply to 600 square feet of area. Annual applications may be necessary. To prevent moss growth: Use Moss-B-Ware to stop moss before it starts. Just follow the directions for killing existing moss. For prevention only, use at a rate of one pound per 1,000 square feet. This may require annual treatment. Storage & disposal: Store in a dry place away from food. Do not reuse this container. Securely wrap container before discarding and put in trash. Do not apply Moss-B-Ware if building has cooper gutters or downspouts, as copper may be corroded. Apply on a calm day. If Moss-B-Ware comes into contact with shrubs, flowers, or lawn, rinse off with garden hose immediately. Do not over apply. Excess run-off may damage plants or ornamentals. Avoid slippery wet roofs - apply when dry.

Product Details

The original. Safe for roofs, patios & walkways. Covers up to 3,000 square feet. Damaging moss can grow almost anywhere it's cool and damp. Destroying and preventing moss can extend the life of roofs, and improve the condition of patios and walkways. Moss-B-Ware won't stain roofs or corrode aluminum and galvanized gutters, when used as directed. And if applied from this shaker container, no other equipment is necessary.



Active Ingredient: Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (99%), (Equivalent to (36%) Zinc as Metallic). Other Ingredients: (1%).


Keep out of reach of children. Hazard to humans and domestic animals. Corrosive. Causes irreversible eye damage. Harmful if swallowed, absorbed through skin or inhaled. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Avoid contact with skin. Avoid breathing dust or spray mist. Wear goggles or face shield. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash clothing before reuse. Do not allow persons or pets in treated areas until dusts have settled or sprays have dried. If swallowed…call a physician or Poison Control Center. Do not induce vomiting. Drink promptly a large quantity of milk, egg whites, gelatin solution, or if these are not available, drink large quantities of water. Avoid alcohol. If on skin…wash with plenty of soap and water. Get medical attention. If in eyes…hold eyelids open and flush with steady, gentle stream of water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention. If inhaled…remove victim from treatment area. If not breathing, give artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth. Get medical attention. Note to physician: Probable mucosal damage may contraindicate the use of gastric lavage. Environmental hazard: This product is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Do not apply directly to water. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment washwaters. Apply this product only as specified on label. It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.


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