Beacon Floor Wax

Floor Wax, Self-Polishing

Weight: 16 fl oz (1 pt) (473 ml)


For the smoothest shine and best results. Do not shake. 1. Before using Beacon Floor Wax, wash floors thoroughly and then rinse with clean water. Floors may appear discolored if embedded dirt or wax build-up remains. To remove old wax and dirt, clean floor thoroughly using a solution of one cup ammonia and 1/4 cup all purpose cleaner in 1/2 gallon warm water. 2. Spread Beacon Floor Wax evenly on clean, dry floor with clean damp cloth or applicator, covering entire floor. Beacon Floor Wax dries in about 20 minutes to a tough, slip resistant gloss. 3. Between waxing, keep floors shiny clean by wiping up spills and dirt with a mop dampened with cool water. Beacon Floor Wax resists water spotting. Its brilliant shine lasts through many damp moppings.

Product Details

Dries crystal clear! Made with Opti-Brite Crystal Brightener for the brightest shine ever! Beacon Self-Polishing Floor Wax is the first wax made with Opti-Brite Crystal Brightener that performs like the brightener in detergents. Solves the yellowing problem of other floor waxes. This exclusive Opti-Brite formula dries crystal clear so true colors shine through. And it protects against marks, scuffs and scratches. Use Beacon Floor Wax on linoleum, asphalt, rubber, terrazzo or vinyl floors.



Keep out of reach of children.


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