ACE Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Brace

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Brace, Regular, Right

Weight: 1 brace


Care Instructions: Machine wash, gentle cycle using warm water. Air dry only. Do not put in dryer. Size Selection: Measure wrist at narrowest point. For Size - Regular - 5-1/2 - 6-7/8 inches - 14 - 17.5 centimeters. For Size - Large - 7-8-1/2 inches - 17.8-21.5 centimeters. If your size measurement specifications falls on borderline, you may prefer the larger size.

Product Details

Fits wrist 5-1/2 to 6-7/8". Therapeutic: Helps relieve pain, tingling and numbness due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Essential part of physicians' recommended therapy. May help prevent need for surgery. Shown to reduce need for oral analgesics. Lightweight material and inner lining provides added comfort. Convenient laces and hook and loop straps allow adjustment for custom fit. Easy to put on and take off. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that puts pressure on the median nerve in the wrist, causing painful throbbing, tingling and numbness in your hand, wrist and forearm. The condition is usually caused by continuously repeating the same motion with your hand and wrist. Immobilizing the wrist while resting and sleeping is a common part of physician recommended therapy. The Ace Brand carpal tunnel brace is specially designed to use while resting or sleeping to immobilize the hand and wrist; help reduce inflammation and painful throbbing, tingling and numbness caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; slow the progression of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and possibly help delay or prevent the need for surgery. Ace Brand sports medicine products are designed to provide you with the optimal support you need while assuring proper fit and comfort. Ace Brand offers a full line of braces, bandages, sports tape and hot & cold therapy products to help treat and support weak muscles, tendons and ligaments and to help reduce the chance of injury recurrence.



This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. If painful symptoms persist, please consult your physician.


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