TruCook ThermoFork Temperature Reading Spatula

Temperature Reading Spatula

Weight: 1 each


Install AA batteries. Batteries not included. To check the degree of doneness, insert both tines of either spatula or fork halfway into the thickest part of the meat, avoiding bone and fatty areas. Hold the spatula/fork in place for 3 to 8 seconds. The LED lights will move up the scale to indicate the meat's degree of doneness. Very Rare - 113-120 degrees F/45.0-48.9 degrees C. Rare - 121-129 degrees F/49.4-53.9 degrees C. Medium Rare - 130-138 degrees F/54.4-58.9 degrees C. Medium - 139-148 degrees F/59.4-64.4 degrees C. Medium Well - 149-159 degrees F/65.0-70.5 degrees C. Well - 160-169 degrees F/71.1-76.1 degrees C. Poultry - 170-185 degrees F/76.6-85.0 degrees C. Cleaning: The tine section of the spatula/fork is dishwasher safe when removed from the handle. Do not submerge the handle in water. To remove the tine section from the handle, press the quick-release button at the base of the handle and pull apart.

Product Details

As Seen on TV. Thermo Spatula Fork. Instant read thermometer - like having a professional chef in your kitchen. Detachable. Great for beef, fish and poultry. Use with barbecues, ovens and microwaves. Instantly reads from very rare to well done. Instant read thermometer. Take the guesswork out of cooking! Congratulations! You can now cook like a professional with the most advanced temperature reading technology available. The TruCook ThermoSpatula/Fork is so accurate, even thin meats can be cooked to desired doneness. Beef, pork, poultry or fish - all meat can be cooked to perfection. Cooking meat to the proper temperature is a critical factor in controlling bacteria. Many types of food-borne bacteria multiply rapidly in low heat but are killed with high heat. The ThermoSpatula-Fork eliminates improper cooking by specifying temperatures from very rare to well done.



Always clean the tines after inserting into uncooked meat to help prevent the spread of food-borne bacteria. Tines are sharp. Keep out of the reach of children. Grills, ovens and freshly cooked foods are hot! When using the ThermoSpatula/Fork we recommend using an oven mitt. The Thermo/Spatula Fork is made of heat resistant plastic, but prolonged exposure to open flame or heat may damage the housing and internal electronics.


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