Walgreens Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer for Adult or Child Use, Pre-Priced

Weight: 1 thermometer


Oral Use: Do not drink hot or cold fluids, exercise, smoke, or perform other activities that will raise or lower temperature readings when compared to your normal, average temperature; Place the probe tip well under the tongue, as directed by the Check Mark. The mouth should remain closed up to 5 minutes before attempting to read. Instruct children not to bite down on the probe; The peak temperature should be reached in approximately 60 seconds. Opening the mouth could result in a longer time for a reading. Underarm (Axillary) Use: Wipe underarm with a dry towel; Place probe tip in armpit and bring arm down against the body. The digital should be pointed upward in the same direction as your body if possible; The time required for an accurate underarm temperature may be five (5) minutes or longer depending on placement of the probe and closure of the arm against the body. Rectal Use: Commonly used for babies, young children or when it is difficult to take an oral or underarm temperature; After placing the probe on the thermometer, lubricate with a water-soluble solution such as jelly; Gently insert the probe tip no more than 1/2-inch into the rectum. Do not force the tip into the rectum if resistance is encountered; Dispose of the used probe cover and wash the thermometer as recommended. To replace battery use equivalent type 1.55v, LR41 or SR41. See package insert for more detailed information.

Product Details

With Beep Alert and Memory. Fast - 60 Second readout; Easy - To read degrees F or degrees C, LCD display; Accurate - Readout +/- 0.20 degrees F. Pharmacist recommended.



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