Clensatron Contact Lens Cleaner

Contact Lens Cleaner

Weight: 1 lens cleaner


1. Remove the twin lens basket. Place left and right lenses into marked baskets. 2. Fill solution chamber with lens solution to line. ( do not overfill). 3. Attach filled solution chamber to Clensatron Unit. 4. Push on button. Let agitate for approximately 2 minutes, then shut off.


Clean, rinse disinfect without rubbing your lenses. For all types of contact lenses. Soft (hydrophilic) Rigid gas permeable and hard contact lenses.

Product Details

Runs on 2AA batteries ( not included) Safe for all contact lenses. Reduces risk of loss or tearing. Fast, effective hands free cleaning. Cleans like a washing machine.



Clensatron CL Unit - 2 Removable Lens Baskets - 2 Color Coded Chambers.


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