Radio Shack External Telephone Ringer

External Telephone Ringer

Weight: 1 each


Read This Before Installation: We have designed your Ringer to conform to federal regulations, and you can connect it to most telephone lines. However, each device that you connect to the phone line draws power from the phone line. We refer to this power draw as the device's Ringer Equivalence Number, or REN (the REN is shown on the bottom of your Ringer). If you are using more than one phone or other device on the line, add up all the RENs. If the total is more than five, your phones might not ring. In rural areas, a total REN of three might impair ringer operation. If ringer operation is impaired, disconnect one of the devices from the line. FCC Statement: Your Ringer complies with Part 68 of FCC Rules. You must, upon request, provide the FCC registration number and the REN to your telephone company. These numbers are shown on the bottom of your Ringer. Note: You must not connect your telephone to - Coin-operated systems; Party-line systems; Most electronic key phone systems. To Use as an Extension Ringer: Plug the Ringer's built-in modular cord into a phone line jack where no other telephone device is connected. The Ringer rings when a call comes in on that line. To Use as a Replacement Ringer: 1. Unplug the phone's modular cord from the phone line jack. 2. Plug the Ringer's modular cord into the phone line jack. 3. Plug the phone's modular cord into Tel Jack on the side of the Ringer. When a call comes in on that line, the Ringer rings instead of the phone. Adjusting the Ringer's Volume: To adjust the Ringer's volume, set HML (high/medium/low) on the bottom of the Ringer. Set it to H for the loudest ring, or to L for the softest ring.

Product Details

43-175B. Telephone Accessory. Extra-loud bell can be heard in noisy areas or from a distance. Adjustable volume. You can connect your Radio Shack External Telephone Ringer directly to a phone jack to let you know when a call comes in on that line, or connect it between the phone jack and a phone to replace that phone's ringer. You can adjust the Ringer's volume, and easily set it on any flat surface (such as a desk or counter) or use the built-in keyhole slot to mount it on a wall. Certified to meet all UL and FCC standards. UL Listed.



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