CVS Neti Pot Kit

Neti Pot Kit, Sinus Wash

Weight: 1 kit


Adults and Children 4 Years and Over: Use 1 packet up to every 6 to 8 hours. Children Under 4 Years: Consult a physician. Read instructions for proper use.


Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with sinusitis, cold, flu or allergies: sneezing; runny nose; nasal stuffiness; post-nasal drip; helps to wash away dust and pollen from nasal passages; promotes nasal and sinus drainage; may help reduce swelling of nasal membranes.

Product Details

All-natural nasal wash system. Washing with a neti pot helps soothe and moisturize dry nasal passages. Kit Contains: 1 neti pot, 30 saline packets & instructions. Doctor developed. Uses gentle flow of gravity. Gentle cleansing saline. Includes 30 all-natural saline solution packets. Nasal washing is recommended by doctors and pharmacists worldwide to help patients naturally clear nasal passages and to promote better breathing. The neti pot uses saline solution and the gentle flow of gravity to wash the nasal passages and help remove excess mucus, bacteria, allergens and other irritants. It's all natural and appropriate for adults and children 4 years old and over, including pregnant and nursing mothers and people taking other medications. Simply dissolve a packet of the pre-mixed saline ingredients in lukewarm distilled or bottled water to gently clean, refresh and protect the nasal passages. Consult physician with questions. Doctor developed. Uses gentle flow of gravity. Gentle cleansing saline. Includes 30 all-natural saline solution packets. CVS quality. Please recycle.



Ingredients (in Each Packet): Sodium Bicarbonate (700 mg), Sodium Chloride (2300 mg). Approximate Ratio of 1:3.


Do not use tap water! Do not use tap water for mixing CVS/pharmacy Sinus Wash unless the water has been boiled and has cooled to lukewarm or body temperature. You may also use either commercially bottled water or water distilled through a 0.2-micron microfilter. Stop use and ask a doctor if washing is uncomfortable or symptoms are not relieved. When using this product use by only one person; wash with soap and water after each use; top rack dishwasher safe; do not heat in microwave. Keep out of reach of children. Protect saline solution packet from excessive heat and moisture. Inspect saline solution packets for integrity. Do not use if open or torn.


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