Kroger Spotlight Coffee

Coffee, Whole Bean, French Roast

Weight: 12 oz (340 g)


Brewing Instructions: Start with a clean coffeemaker and fresh, cold water. Remove the grounds after brewing. Keep brewed coffee hot - once cooled, reheating affects the flavor. Use 1 tbsp of coffee for each 6 oz. cup of water. Adjust to the strength you desire. Storage: Store in airtight container or use the convenient reclosable bag. Store in dry section of the refrigerator or in the freezer. Grind in store, or grind only what you need at home just before brewing. In-Store Grinder: Set the grinder for the desired grind, pour in coffee beans. Place the empty bag start the grinder. When grinding is complete, roll down the top of the bag and reclose.

Product Details

Quality coffee since 1883. Great blend for richer flavor. Spotlight Whole Bean Coffee retains flavor longer because it's whole bean. You can grind only what you need to assure rich roasted flavor everytime.



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