Kroger Coffee

Coffee, Ground Lite, Medium

Weight: 34.5 oz (2 lb 2.5 oz) 978 g


Brewing: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your Automatic Coffee Maker or use one rounded tablespoon of coffee for each 6 fl oz of cold water. For every 10 servings use 1/2 cup coffee. Adjust to the strength you desire. Always start with a clean coffee maker and fresh cold water. Keep brewed coffee piping hot, once cooled, reheating affects the flavor. This canister makes 240-270 suggested strength servings. Storing: Close can tightly and refrigerate after opening to help preserve freshness.

Product Details

50% less caffeine. For all coffee makers. E-Z open lid stay fresh seal. Kroger selects the finest coffee beans from around the world, then carefully roasts them to their perfection, providing a full-bodied cup of coffee with an enticing aroma. Starting with a combination of the finest coffee beans, our Lite blend is then roasted, so you get a full-bodied cup of coffee with only half the caffeine of our regular coffee. Medium roast coffees offer character with a balanced, smooth and rich flavor.



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