Goddard’s Appliance & Countertop Polish

Appliance & Countertop Polish

Weight: 8 fl oz (240 ml)


Shake well. Clean surface of food and stains. Apply Goddard's with a soft, dry doth. Wipe to an even shine. Allow to dry a few minutes before using appliance or countertop.

Product Details

A heritage built on superior care. Manufacturers of fine polishes. Since 1839. Great on glasstop stoves. Renews color and shine of all kitchen surfaces. Protects against stains. Wipe up grease and spills faster. Renew the beauty of your kitchen appliances and countertops instantly. Goddard's restores color and shine to all kitchen surfaces, leaves lasting protection so spills, stains and grease wipe up faster and easier. And Goddard's is easy to use. Just wipe it on. It's non-abrasive and won't streak or leave a residue. Goddard’s is recommended for all non-wood kitchen surfaces. Appliances: microwaves, enamel ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, blenders, mixers, glass cook tops. Countertops: Corian, Formica, ceramic tile, granite, marble. Made in USA.



Do not use on wood floors or other areas where slipperiness may be hazardous.


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