Windex Clean & Shine Dry Microfiber Cloths

Dry Microfiber Cloths

Weight: 12 cloths


1. Spray cleaner directly on surface to be cleaned. 2. Wipe with cloth. 3. Rinse and re-use cloth as needed.

Product Details

11 x 11 in (27 x 27 cm). Use with Windex Cleaner. Streak-free. Lint-free. Durable & reusable. Use your favorite Windex Glass and Multi Task Cleaners for best results on glass and more! Dry, non-abrasive cloths are designed for best results on glass and more. No streaks, lint or residue. Millions of fibers lift and trap dirt, dust and liquid. Rinse and re-use several times. Use Windex Clean & Shine Dry Microfiber Cloths throughout your house or in your car. Great on windows, mirrors, glass, granite & marble countertops, appliances, electronics, sinks and tubs, stainless steel, wood, leather, and more! Advanced microfiber technology helps you clean better than ever! Paper towels push the dirt around. Microfiber cloths have millions of tiny pockets that lift and trap dirt and liquid to prevent streaking. The fibers are small enough to get into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices to loosen even the toughest stains. There are no cleaning chemicals in this cloth. For best results, use with Windex Glass or Multi Task Cleaners. Cloths can be rinsed, dried and re-used several times. Cloth made in China.



To prevent against accidental mixing of chemical cleaners, use a separate cloth for each type of cleaning product. Do not dispose of in toilets. Do not use for personal hygiene or as a baby wipe. The cloth itself does not scratch surfaces, but it can pick up particles that do scratch. Test in an inconspicuous area before use.


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