Double Fresh Cat Litter

Cat Litter

Weight: 20 lb (9.06 kg)


For best results, pour Double Fresh into a clean litter box to a depth of 2-3 inches. Use additional Double Fresh if more than one cat is using the same litter box. Daily: Remove solid waste. Add clean Double Fresh to replace what has been removed and to freshen the litter box. Wash hands thoroughly after handling cat box waste. Weekly: Completely change the litter, and wash litter box with a solution of water and ammonia to maintain saturation.

Product Details

New multi-cat formula. Long lasting, moisture activated, scratch activated, odor control. 1. Neutralizes solid odors! 2. Eliminates liquid odors! Same fresh scent, improved long lasting odor control. With the same fresh scent as the original, the new hard working formula from Double Fresh represents an important breakthrough in odor control Powerful odor fighting ingredients work continuously for improved, long lasting odor control on demand. The moisture-activated and scratch-activated crystals provide extra-strength odor control, delivering the same fresh scent that you've come to expect from Double Fresh. For additional odor management, our antibacterial ingredient kills odor causing bacteria. Double Fresh is specially formulated for homes with multiple cats and is 99% dust free. See for yourself! Pour a small amount of warm water over a capful of double fresh and experience the odor control systems going to work. Notice the fresh, clean scent you can count on for continuous odor control.



Natural Clay and Odor Fighting Crystals.


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