Turtle Wax Car Wax

Car Wax, Carnauba

Weight: 14 oz (397 g)


Wash and dry vehicle. Apply a thin coat of wax and allow drying to a slight haze. Remove with a soft cotton cloth, then buff lightly to increase shine. Not intended for use on vinly, wood, simulated wood, metalized plastics, decals, or flat paint. Do not use in direct sunlight of if the vehicle finish is hot to the touch.

Product Details

100 % Pure carnauba wax blend. Deep carnauba shine and long lasting protection. Ideal for clear coats, easy on, easy off. Advanced chemistry for long lasting protection, removes oxidation and swirl marks, enhances clear coat finishes, A unique blend of 100 % Brazilian carnauba wax and advanced protection chemistries make Turtle Wax Carnauba the perfect wax for maintaining the showroom shine of a new car of restoring the shine and luster to a dull, neglected finish. Made in USA.



In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Keep away from children. Keep from freezing.


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