Elizabeth Spa Clean Wave Facial Buff

Clean Wave Facial Buff

Weight: 1 facial buff


To Use: Wet Clean Weave Facial Buff and apply cleansing gel or soap. Gently massage over face in circular motions. Rinse and hand to dry after each use.

Product Details

Discover the ultimate in cleansing and gentle exfoliation. I recommend the Clean Weave Facial Buff for those seeking something less vigorous than my Loofah Facial Buff, but more intense than my Deluxe Facial Mesh Brush. This is a great middle of the road facial cleansing tool that provides cleansing and gentle, yet effective exfoliation. With regular use, your skin will look smoother, more radiant, and younger looking. Why Microban antimicrobial product protection? Antimicrobial built-in to protect. Inhibits growth of stain and odor causing microorganisms. Won't wash off or wear away. Keeps your bath accessories cleaner and fresher longer. Won't irritate your skin. Put yourself first, for just a few minutes each day, because you deserve it! Made in Taiwan.



Do not use on irritated, damaged or broken skin. If irritation develops, discontinue use immediately.


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