Cozy Sun & Bug Cover

Sun & Bug Cover, Yellow & Blue

Weight: 1 cover


Easy care. Hand wash and hang to dry.

Product Details

98% UV protection. Fabric flap pulls over the netting to protect baby from the sun and other harsh elements. Cozy Sun & Bug Cover provides protection from potentially harmful insects or unwanted intruders. Cozy Sun & Bug Cover fits most infant carriers. Pullover flaps shields your baby from the sun's harmful rays and other unfavorable conditions. Self-supporting canopy creates a spacious, well-ventilated enclosure for baby. Elasticized edge provides total enclosure. Cozy Sun & Bug Cover allows ample air flow from the sides, even when the flap is pulled down. Cozy Sun & Bug Cover folds, then snaps shut for convenient storage in your diaper bag or stroller pocket. Made in China.



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