TeleBrands AirPress Massager

AirPress Massager, Bonus

Weight: 1 system

Product Details

Includes Bonus Thigh Cuffs & A/C Adapter! Compressed Air Massage System. The ultimate leg & foot massage! Pamper your thighs, calves, ankles, and feel at the same time! You have to feel it to believe it! Also works on 4 AA Batteries (not included) - So you can take it anywhere! The compressed air gently applies and releases pressure, for the ultimate leg and foot massage! Features: Adjustable Thigh Cuffs for an invigorating upper leg massage; Powerful Remote Control features multiple intensity levels. Works on batteries for portability or A/C adapter; Precise Air Tubes efficiently inflate and deflate the air chambers; Massage Boots soothe tired calves, ankles and feet. It feels like five sets of hands massaging your legs. AirPress is the compressed air massage system that makes your legs and feet feel incredible. Just slip your legs into the AirPress boots, use the hand held remote to turn them on and you will immediately begin to feel the chamber fill with air and begin to knead your legs - soothing sore muscles. The compressed air gently applies and releases pressure pampering your calves, ankles and feet at the same time. AirPress is so quiet, you can even enjoy the pleasure while reading or watching TV. Other systems sell for $120 each, the AirPress massager is an incredible value. Imagine how good it would feel to experience the ultimate leg and foot massage. Take the AirPress massager home and experience one of the most pleasurable physical sensations of your life! System Includes: 2 Massage Boots; Remote Control with Multiple Intensity Levels; 2 Thigh Cuffs; AC Adapter; Bonus AirPress Insoles Mail-In Offer (To receive your bonus AirPress Insoles, simply fill out the enclosed certificate and mail to the address shown along with a $4.99 shipping and handling charge). Invention Channel. As Seen on TV.



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