Titralac Plus Antacid

Antacid, Spearmint Flavor, Tablets

Weight: 100 tablets


Chew, swallow or let melt in mouth two tablets every two or three hours as symptoms occur or as directed by a physician. Do not take more than 19 tablets in a 24 hour period or use maximum dosage for more than two weeks.


Relieves symptoms referred to as gas. Relieves: heartburn; sour stomach; acid indigestion.

Product Details

Simethicone anti-gas formula. Fast relief. Calcium rich. Sugar free. Very low sodium content (1.5 mg/tablet). Low aluminum content (1.0 mg/tablet). Made in Australia.



Active Ingredients (in Each Tablet): Calcium Carbonate (420 mg) (168 mg Elemental Calcium), Simethicone (21 mg). Inactive Ingredients: Glycine, Magnesium Stearate, Saccharin, Spearmint Oil, Starch, May Also Contain Croscarmellose Sodium.


Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking a prescription drug. Antacids may interact with certain prescription drugs. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms last for more than 2 weeks. Keep out of reach of children. For your protection this bottle has a printed foil seal under the cap.


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