Empire Home Sand Diffuser

Sand Diffuser, Fresh Linen

Weight: 5.8 oz (165 g)


Create a fragrance background in your home with the long-lasting aroma created by the Sand Diffuser. Remove cap from glass container and discard. Insert reeds into the neck of the bottle. Allow 48 hours for fragrance to fully develop. Handle with care. Always grasp by the bottle. Sand Diffuser: Experienced Artisan perfumers, using plant derived materials and essential oils, created this natural wonder for months of your enjoyment. Remove the stopper from the bottle and carefully insert the reeds. Diffusion of the Pure Fragrance begins immediately and becomes stronger as the days go by. For maximum strength, insert the reeds all the way to the bottom of the container using a twisting action to work through the sand. You can adjust the strength of the fragrance diffused into the room by lessening the number of reeds or only partially inserting them in the sand. Scented Reeds: The natural reeds, made from the wire reed plant, have been specially treated with pure fragrance after being carefully dried. There is no need to wait for days for the diffuser to begin working as the reeds are immediately effective at diffusing fragrance and drawing up replenishment. The powerful diffusion will continue to build until equilibrium is reached or the fragrance is exhausted. Being carefully designed, the reeds do not need to be flipped periodically to work correctly.

Product Details

Home fragrance system. Made with pure fragrance. Richly scented reed diffuser. Pure Fragrance: Enjoy this product knowing that your healthy home, safety and the Earth's future are in our hearts! By using natural essential oils and plant derived materials in place of inexpensive synthetic alternatives, we not only benefit from the inherent beauty of nature, but we ensure the continued cultivation of renewable natural products for our children and help reduce our dependence upon petroleum oil technology. Purposefully created to be as safe as possible, the Pure Fragrance relies upon sand to control diffusion and does not contains solvents. As many common solvents can contribute to air pollution and damage to the ecosystem when disposed, the Pure Fragrance was formulated to help save our planets valuable recourses and reduce potential pollution because it does not contain phthalates, glycol ethers, petroleum distillate or unnecessary chemical solvents. By avoiding dangerous solvents such as ethers and isopropyl alcohol as well, the diffuser is nonflammable at normal household temperatures. However, at temperatures above 150 fahrenheit the product may be ignited. New concept for home fragrance. Diffuser made with pure fragrance is solvent free. Made in Thailand.



Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If ingested or eye irritation occurs, consult a physician. Do not use on unprotected surfaces, as fragrance oil will damage furniture, fabrics, painted surfaces, wood or plastic.


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